Who is considered homeless?

A family residing in a shelter, motel,
vehicle, campground, on the street, or doubled
up with relatives or friends is homeless.

Educational Rights of Homeless Children

Immediate Enrollment - The right to be
enrolled immediately in school, without medical
or academic records, regardless of district policy.

Choice of Schools  
The homeless child has three choices:

School of Origin
The school the child last attended
School of Origin
The school the child attended when he/she
became homeless
The school closest
to the shelter or other temporary housing

Transportation - Homeless children are entitled
to the same rights to transportation as other
children in the district

Services - Homeless children are entitled to the
same services, such as tutoring, that are
available to other children in their districts.

If you have questions about getting your
child in school, call


How can I help the
Good Samaritan House?

Volunteer Opportunities

Provide transportation for clients to
doctor's appointments, public aid, etc.

Assist in staffing the shelter during
evening hours

Provide office/secretarial help during
the weekdays

Help with shelter maintenance

Plan and run an activity for the children

Organize a needs drive
(toiletries, cleaning supplies, bedding,
toys, etc.)

Provide child care while the mothers
attend meetings, go to school or keep

Adopt-a-room - an individual or group may adopt
a bedroom to furnish and decorate

Organize a fund raiser