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Who can remember what these are?
That's right...from Romper Room.
They weren't really more than a couple of plastic buckets and
some cording, but, boy oh boy, when Miss Lois announced
Romper Stomper time, my sister and I would rip through the house
at break neck speed because we only had one pair.  The fight was
on...until our mom said "SHARE".  Yeah, okay, ever Romper Stomp
with just one each?  
Who remembers the commercial?
My Goodness, this was definitely pre-FDA days.  I can still
smell that nauseating, most likely, toxic concoction that
came out of that tube!  You rolled it into a ball, stuck it on
the end of a skinny straw..and blew.  Produced by
Whamo and removed from the market in the 80's; I believe.
Couldn't have been too bad, we are still alive, but can't help
wonder how many brain cells were destroyed when using it.
How about a Hawaiian Punch?
Right in the kisser!  Who remembers this little dude with
the anger issues?  This refreshing drink comes in foil
packets these days, but back then it came in a 10 gauge
metal can that required a can opener.  
It's sugar content had to be off the charts!
But it sure was good.
Turn off the lights!  Hole up in the closet!
It's time for....
GIVE-A-SHOW Projector
Man, Oh, Man...this was the end all, beat all of
toys.  A glorified flashlight, that projected The
Flintstones or The Jetson's on a make shift screen
made up of a white towel...or just a wall.

No sound, no animation...but what fun!
Who remembers Puddin' Head?

Pour in the mix, pour in the milk,
shake, shake, shake....you've got

And life was good!
Jovan Musk Oil

Need we say

The 70's
answer to
"Evening in Paris"
Carole King

Without a doubt,
anyone who
was anyone
had this
What about Klick Klacks?

We had these for about fifteen minutes, then our parents
realized what kind of dentist bill might be lurking around the
These things were not only deadly,
but single handedly introduced hundreds if not thousands of
children to the world of orthodontics.
Who had Blacklight Posters?

A parent's worst nightmare!
A clear indicator of potential
devil worship and magic
mushroom consumption!!!

We just wanted a cool room!
Who remembers
Bonomo's Turkish Taffy?
Does anyone remember the television commercials where it
showed you how to smack the taffy to break it into little
Turkish Taffy is no longer in production, unfortunately.
One package would last forever.
Chocolate was our favorite!
Did anyone have the very
Barbie Dream House?  
Complete with cardboard
pillows, 33 records and hi-fi
stereo.  If you look real
close, you'll find a picture of
Ken.  Our mom and dad
folded all this furniture on
Christmas Eve so we would
have it in the morning!
Who remembers the Krazy Kar?

This was the coolest ride on toy we had ever seen.
Unfortunately, our parents bought it for our stupid little
brother.  We exceeded the weight limit and almost
required therapy to deal with it. LOL!

We wish there was an adult version.
Who remembers the Lum's Restaurant on Nameoki Road?

We specifically remember their roast beef sandwiches,
but not much else.  

If memory serves, after Lum's closed it's doors, the
restaurant became a
George Lindsey's Steak House.
Who remembers Whee-Lo?

Back in the olden days it didn't take much to occupy our
This didn't plug in, nor did it take batteries, yet it was fun.

AND it was 79cents!
Who remembers playing with a Whee-Lo?
Who remembers Burger Chef?  
Though this picture isn't the one that used to be on
Madison Avenue, (we tried and tried to find one), it
certainly is close and brings back many memories of
Burger Chef Jeff and the "works bar". The Burger
Chef chain began in the 1950's.  We remember when
it switched to Hardee's.  The jingle was..."Hurry on
down to Hardee's, where the burgers are
charco-broiled."  Do you remember?
Who remembers Space Food Sticks?

These were developed by Pillsbury for the astronauts who went into
We remember when they hit the store shelves.  We begged and
begged for these, and for Tang to swallow them down with.
If memory serves, they were disgusting, but they were the "hot item".

Do you remember?
Massey Cream Top
Milk Bottles
from Granite City's
Massey Brothers
Who remembers
getting one of these
at the bottom of the
Duz Laundry
Our grandmother
used to get bath
towels too...but we
can't remember from
which product.
Who remembers
"Kenner's Close 'n Play"
Record Player?
You put the 45 in, closed
the lid, and it played the
It destroyed every
45 record that we owned.
But it was still fun!
Does anyone
remember what these
are?  If you collected
enough of these, you
could get just about

Who remembers S&H
Green Stamps?
Who remembers Mystery Date?

Another thing we begged for, was this game for Christmas!
I can see the commercial for it like it was this morning...you always
wanted your mystery date to be the surfer...not the dud!

We played this game at many, many Friday night sleep overs.
Who remembers Grant's Department Store?

Again, not a picture of the one in Granite City,
but the only one we could find.    Who remembers
the pastel dyed chicks they would sell at Easter?

Who remembers the big giant slide next door?

Did you ever eat at the Bradford House Restaurant?